WIND UPRISING chronicles the turbulent journey shared by an entrepreneur and an engineer who broke trail for wind energy in coal country. They overcame legislative barriers, fickle investors, power purchasing conundrums, and a 'Not In My Back Yard' resistance from residents that nearly stopped them in their tracks.


The four-year struggle to develop the first commercial wind farm in Utah resulted in the most urban wind farm in the United States.  Told by the key players who surpassed the major hurdles facing wind farm developers: regulatory, financial, policy, and public acceptance. This timely story details the common roadblocks that stand in the way of wind energy and the solutions that were discovered in Spanish Fork.

Narrated by astronaut & former Utah Senator Jake Garn (R).

TRT 31:48 Minute



Tracy Livingston & Christine Watson Mikell, Wasatch Wind


Executive Producers/Producer

Cathy Hartman & Edwin Stafford


Produced & Directed By

Michelle Nunez


Directors of photography

Darren Bailey, Colin Witherill, Alan Neves, Adam Moffat, Enrique Garcia


Edited By

Michelle Nunez  & Annie Eastman


Original Music By

Duncan Cedar & Ken Kruckengerg


Production Company

GreenTech Films, LLC

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